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 Jessica Sidoti

About Jessica 

My passion for fitness developed from my years spent as a dancer.


I always lived a very active lifestyle, but still struggled to achieve the types of results I was after. My transformation was different to most. I was always very skinny and constantly obsessed over body image. I was spending countless hours on the treadmill or doing back-to-back HIIT Cardio classes to tone up. I would eat chicken and broccoli religiously and switch between fad diets. However, it was not until I started fuelling my body correctly and following a structured training program I noticed the biggest change physically and mentally.

I wanted to help women all over the world make a positive difference through a scientific and enjoyable approach, so I decided to pursue a career as a personal trainer and coach by studying for a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at Sydney University. I also completed my Certificates III and IV in Personal Training, which enabled me to become an online coach as well as a face-to-face personal trainer. 


I have helped so many women achieve incredible results by eating well consistently and following an evidence-based training program.


I am now on a mission to help as many women fall in love with the process as they transform their lives, feel more confident about themselves, and achieve their utmost potential.


I am also a big believer in balance, which means flexible eating so not restricting or depriving yourself all the time, so you can enjoy the process, and create sustainable long-term results. 

As an ex-dancer, I absolutely loved being on stage, and with my passion for training at the gym, I was able to combine two of my biggest loves by becoming a WBFF Bikini competitor. I stepped outside my comfort zone and started preparing for my first competition in 2020. Due to COVID-19, the show was cancelled several times but I used this time to continue challenging myself to build a competitive physique.


In April 2022, I finally achieved my dream of getting on stage when I made my WBFF debut and placed fifth. I decided to compete again in the August WBFF show, where I placed second. This journey has taught me so much about training and nutrition, as well as about how powerful our minds can be and what we can achieve with discipline and consistency.

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