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Are you wanting to grow your glutes, sculpt your upper body, and transform your entire body?

With Strong, you can follow an effective training plan that's structured to give you the hourglass figure you desire.

This 8-week program will help you gain lean muscle, transform your body composition, and get you feeling strong. You will:

  • fuel your body with your favourite foods so that you can train optimally.

  • be able to unlock your utmost potential and, 

  • take your training to the next level.

Strong is available in two levels depending on your level of experience. If you have trained for less than 12 months, Level 1 is best, whereas if you have trained for more than 12 months, Level 2 is most suitable.


What's included?

✓ Access to the JS Fitness & Nutrition app

8 week training program (2 x 4 week training blocks)

Personalized calorie and macro targets (revised based on your body's response)

Fortnightly Check-Ins

✓ Ability to track your weights and monitor progression

Exercise video demonstrations and technique review

Custom Meal plan and recipe inspiration

✓ Coach support & Weekly accountability

✓ Free Flexible Eating dieting guide

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Join Strong

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